By Maryam Hussain and Juliana Tran         

With finals upon us, many students are panicking and hoping to pass. The nervousness makes us paranoid and we feel as if we aren’t prepared for the exams. Stressed out about studying for the finals since there is so much information being tested? Here are some great tips!

The days before the finals

1)    Always ask the teacher to cover past material since some students might forget what they learned in the beginning of the semester. Sometimes, this material can be crucial on the finals.

2)    Study a little for each final each day because you don’t want to cram in studying last minute and get zero sleep. That strategy is bound to make you fail. Research says the best results for test taking are to not study for 30-60 minutes before going to bed. Many teachers say splitting hours up for each class works the best. For example instead of studying for four hours straight, divide it up. Study for two hours each day so your brain has time to process all the information. You want to get enough studying done and enough sleep so that your brain has enough energy to do extremely well on the finals.

3)    If you have a Facebook, Twitter, or Skype account, you should definitely create a group with other students for hard classes like APs. So then you can type, “Hey, what’s the answer to question 5 on the review sheet?” The other students can type in the answer and now you all are studying for finals in an efficient way.

On the day of finals

1)    Remember to eat a healthy breakfast since breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You should not skip breakfast. Be sure to eat healthy foods on the days leading up to the test as well. Many of us know that raisins and almonds are good for brain function. But did you know that foods that contain Omega 3 fatty oils like fish are good too?

2)    Remember to get enough sleep the day before. It is not a good idea to go to bed at 2 or 3 in the morning.

3)    Always remember to breathe! Relax; you will probably do fine on the finals if you did your studying. It is better to be calm and know that you tried your best than be stressed and bomb the finals.

4)    Finally, take your time! You should have sufficient time to finish the exam. Do not rush through the test.

If you use and remember these wonderful tips for the finals, then you should pass your exams with flying colors. Good luck, everyone!