By Steven Kimball       

Mark Waller may not be a captain on this year’s cross country team, but what everyone on the team can agree upon is that he has stepped up as a senior leader. He has also stepped up on the course and has developed into a solid runner for the Warriors.

Over the summer, through his rigorous training, Waller went from a solid number eight guy to a key number four runner. He said this about the experience: “It’s been good for my growth; summer training was key.”

His brother Scott, who runs Division II track at Stonehill College, developed Mark’s summer training schedule. He explained that his summer running included 10 mile runs on Sundays; he even reached 50 miles per week by the end of the summer. His brother Scott pushed him “to go farther and longer,” Mark explained.

 As for the outlook of this year’s team, Waller said, “Even though we lost a lot of runners from last year, I think we have enough depth to get to All-States.” In the latest polls, the Andover cross country team was 18th in the Division I rankings.

When asked about Waller, head distance track and assistant cross country coach Brenda Clark- Warne said, “He is a huge team player and has really worked hard to be successful during his senior season.”