By Kathleen McGinty

Huddling in front of their cameras and posing for pictures in front of the setting sun and rippling water, AHS seniors kicked off their final year of high school at the Boston Harbor Boat Cruise Sunday, Oct. 16.

210 members of the senior class attended the cruise and spent the night socializing and dining with classmates.  Dinner was served to those onboard, and for the remainder of the night, seniors danced enthusiastically to the music provided by a DJ on the boat.  The general consensus among seniors proves that this year’s boat cruise was a success.

“I liked that it brought the senior class together,” said senior Kate Sullivan, a boat cruise attendee.  “We were able to separate ourselves from the underclassmen and have fun as seniors outside of school.”

Classmate Courtney Stone agreed.  “It was fun because you could be with all your groups of friends,” she said.

With students looking back on their first senior event as both a memorable and an enjoyable experience, Mrs. O’Rourke, a co-advisor of the senior class and organizer of senior events, was pleased with the success of this year’s cruise.

“This was one of our best,” she proudly stated.

Yet just because the boat docked last Sunday does not mean that the celebrations and fun are over for the senior class.  The Powder Puff football game is next on the list of senior events.  The game will be held on November 18, followed by Shear Madness in March and Senior Week at the end of May.  For some students, the senior events planned for the end of the school year prove to be the most highly anticipated since they mark the end of four years at AHS.

“It’s a good way for us to celebrate the end of this year of applications and looking at colleges!” Stone remarked, voicing her excitement towards the celebrations during Senior Week.

As for Sullivan, she looks forward to graduation and Senior Safari the most, both rites of passages for seniors that will symbolize her embarking on a new adventure.

“It’s been a long four years, and I’m ready to head off to college,” she said.

In order to be a part of these senior events throughout the year, seniors must turn in a fee of $340 to either Mrs. O’Rourke or Mr. Marcoux in the guidance office.  A $20 discount will be given to those students who turn in their dues on or before Tuesday, November 8.  If financial troubles should arise, see Mrs. O’Rourke or Mr. Marcoux to discuss a payment plan.  All seniors are encouraged to attend and conclude their years at Andover High School with unforgettable memories.

“I think [the events are] a chance to get to know more of your classmates outside of the classroom,” said Mrs. O’Rourke.