By Marina Renton

Eighteen juniors out of 40-some applicants have been selected to serve on this year’s Junior Board of Directors.
Of the original applicants, five were elected through a voting process that took place during all three lunches in September. The other 13 were selected through an interview process to determine whether they would serve their class well.

The 18 new board members are:

Anna Burkhard

Danny Caveny

Virginia Duffy

Annie Garvin

Sicco Huizing

Gal Kramer

Emma Lamoreaux

Kendrick McCarroll

Devika Ranjan

Felicitas Reyes

Sam Rooks

Dina Roumeliotis

Lisa Salley

Liza Therkelsen

Lauren Wackowski

Liz Wait

Jillian Wilson

The board’s first meeting was Wednesday, Oct. 5.

Congratulations to all those selected; make your class proud!