By Mary Latona

Down about the Bruins? Most Andover High students are.

The Bruins’ first game against the Flyers was not what most fans expected to see. With a 2-1 win for the Flyers, many students were in disbelief over the shocking and unexpected loss. The Stanley Cup champions did not bring their best game to the ice, while the Flyers fought for the win.

Even though the situation is glum, Bruins-fans-at-birth can still see the light at the end of the tunnel. Many believe that their all-star team is not yet done, and that they still have a striving chance to reclaim their throne. Fans would not, and will not, give up on the Bruins just yet and with every game the Bruins play, the fans say they will be right there with them throughout the season.

Both team and fans are preparing for their next game, and whether it be win or loss, fans say that they will stay with their team throughout the season. Fans do believe, however, that the team is not even near its end. They will keep their hope going until the very end, and to them, the end is nowhere near.